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Spam Arrest: ISP/Enterprise Product

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Spam Arrest's enterprise solution is the easiest, most cost-effective way for organizations or resellers to utilize Spam Arrest's spam protection service.

In the enterprise scenario, all incoming email messages to your domain(s) are first routed to servers at Spam Arrest's datacenters. Messages sent to non-protected accounts are immediately forwarded to your organization's SMTP server. Messages sent to protected accounts are processed at Spam Arrest, and only messages from verified senders are forwarded to your SMTP server.
Highlights of Spam Arrest Enterprise Solution
Works WithAll Standard Systems including Microsoft Exchange
No Software RequiredUses DNS MX Record Solution (Whole Domain Protection)
Unlimited DomainsNo Charge per Domain
Directory Harvest ProtectionKeep Email Addresses Private
Reduce Bandwidth CostsDiscard Messages Sent to Unknown Addresses
Customized ChallengesBrand Challenge Emails
Encrypted Email (TLS)SMTP Incoming and Delivery

Spam Arrest pricing is based upon the number of user accounts that have Spam Arrest protection turned on. This may be a fraction of the number of users in your domain(s).

Pricing of Spam Arrest Enterprise Solution
Number of Active Spam Arrest UsersCost Per Month
1-10 Users$29.95 a month (about $3.00/user/month)
11-25 Users$64.95 a month (about $2.60/user/month)
26-50 Users$124.95 a month (about $2.50/user/month)
51-100 Users$219.95 a month (about $2.20/user/month)
Above 100 users Spam Arrest charges per user per month
101-499 Users$2.15 per user a month
500-1999 Users$1.90 per user a month
2000-4999 Users$1.80 per user a month
5000+ UsersPlease contact us

In addition to the monthly fees above, there is a one-time setup fee of $49.95, which is billed after your first month of service.

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